Nougat – Features Packed By Android 7

Android 7.0 popularly known as Nougat has been launched on few mobiles. Google Pixel and Nexus have taken lead in implementing this new OS. Android wants to add new features and upgrade the existing ones for good user experience.  Though many new features are added, we will have a look at few of these, that will give you a good idea about this latest OS in the android stable.


  • Data Saver

This feature blocks background data use by certain apps when the cellular data is active. If you have a data plan that has a limit on data usage, you can very well rely on this feature to make sure that only the required data is utilized. It also has permission button in case you require certain apps to use background data. In the settings button go to Data usage and enable Data saver. You can allow specific apps to ignore this setting.


  • Notification grouping

Android Nougat groups all the notification from the same app as a single alert. Taping on the alert will give more details and you can interact with each of the individual alerts. This makes the notification area look neat and crispy. In case the notification is flooded with a particular message, the feature makes it possible to interact with other notification as well, since all these message will be grouped and thus keep screen clear for other notifications as well.


  • Direct Replies

While working on your mobile you may receive  new messages from different apps. You can very well reply to these from your current screen. It also adds the reply to your notification screen so that you can carry on with the conversation.

With this feature you can directly reply to the notification or alert pop up on the screen without leaving it. Android Nougat lets you reply directly from the notification area except for few apps like gmail . Though Apple has been into it for sometime it’s good that android has finally caught up with it. It is a very cool feature for the user to try and enjoy.


  • Doze on the Go

Android Nougat goes one step further than marshmallow. The doze feature just became better. It now senses for more ways to keep your battery from draining and keeping your mobile on charge longer. Doze now limits most background task while your screen sleeps. This makes sure you can work longer than you would have otherwise. It brings peace of mind to many users who are bogged down by fast drainage of battery.


  • Split screen and multitasking

Android Nougat has multitasking capabilities better than those offered by its earlier versions. By double tapping the Recent button, you can toggle between last two open apps. You can not only view but also use them, for example to copy paste from one screen to another. This leads to better ease of use and makes using your device more fun.

The split screen mode opens two apps on your screen. This multi window mode lets you adjust window size according to your use. The enhanced productivity associated with this feature is evident when you need to work on two apps simultaneously and you may not be required to jump from one app to another as is the case with other OS. This feature is though not developed fully as you can view two apps at the same time but on some of them you cannot work simultaneously. Android needs to work on this when it releases new updates for Android 7.

Get your Nougat

Overall it is a very good OS by android. The enhanced features of Nougat makes it a compelling upgrade for users, especially the split screen and doze mode are very useful. Android 7 is definitely better than its predecessor and its contemporary rival iOS10. Though only select phones have been upgraded, the difference is there for all to see.

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