The Sweetest Technological Invention – Android Nougat Update

The most anticipated news of when nougat 7.0 android will hit the market in a full-fledged manner seems to be finally coming to reality. Yes, back in the month of October, Motorola has come up with the news that its mobile phones namely Moto G4 ad G4 Plus will be arriving in the market with the update android Nougat.

Yes, that was the news which seems to have instilled a sense of excitement in the already charged atmosphere of enthusiastic audience who has been waiting like never before, for this piece of innovation to use right in their mobile phones. Yes, the countdown seems to have begun in style as it has been couple of months since the time that news has hit with a bang.

Since then, the update has been seeing its color in the way it has been recharging the atmosphere with every passing day. Yes, here I am taking about the update in the form of version NPJ25.93-11.

India is seeing such an update as of now and it is able to percolate in the Android version 7.0. Considering the much anticipated and much awaited technological invention for people, the update is going to be rolled in terms of batches. As a result, it may take few days before you can actually see its effect in your device in style.


Release Date of Android 7.1.1 Nougat

22nd August, 2017 was the day which witnessed the historic step taken by Google in the form of rolling Android 7.0 Nougat to Nexus devices. Basically, there are series of devices which are covered in the same, but the so called “decisive step” was taken in early October where the practical implementation of Nexus 6 could be seen on the very same device on October 3rd.


Which was the first device to get featured on Android 7.0?

Well, LG V20 has the credit of being the first ever device to be a proud witness to the Nougat 7.0 update. The same phone was unveiled on September 6th. Prior to this, the launch of Android 7.1 Nougat has taken place in Pixel phones on October 4th.

  • Regarding the availability of these two devices, then they are available with the masses soon after on October 20th.
  • There has also been a confirmation from Google where it has said that Android 7.1 beta program has started its operations from October 19th.
  • There are other devices where the roll out is going to be done and all of that mechanism is under process with different series of devices.


Final thoughts

One thing is for sure, that considering the ever rising craze and awesomeness associated with Nougat, it is only a matter of time where we could be proud witness to the benefits of this technological inventions in the biggest possible manner.

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