Top 10 best features associated with Android Nougat 7.0

Top 10 best features associated with Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat 7.0 is going to be launched anytime soon. Yes, the excitement has already engulfed people from far and wide who are expecting loads of sophistication, awesomeness and mind-blowing features to name a few. So what are they? Let’s find out:-

1- Skyrocketing multi-tasking ability

Well, the most obvious, prominent and awesome update of Android Nougat 7.0 which you can actually expect for yourself is its multitasking split screen ability. Yes, as the name suggests, you can choose between different apps and also do lots of multi tasks as well. Well, it actually takes this aspect very seriously where you are able to split the screen into half as well. You can effectively use the feature both in portrait and landscape mode.

2- Enhanced security feature

Yes, considering the online world we are living in, which requires greater security measures and updates, the best and the ideal reflection can be seen in the form of Android Nougat 7.0 which has the best of features to thwart any threats by equally creating a sense of protection from all the futuristic threats which may harm your device in any manner. You feel happy and joyful as you have just been a part of the best product which has taken whole list of fool proof security update like never before.

3- You are able to quickly switch between apps

Yes, that’s right. Here, I would indeed help you explain with an example for making you understand easily. Usually while on mobile, we may have to work all the way again to get back to the earlier screen which we were actually using before. Now, thanks to this feature, all of that will be a history. For example, if you are watching YouTube and want to simultaneously switch to any browser, then for getting back to YouTube, you just need to double tap it and it’s done. Isn’t it simple? In this way, you are able to negotiate easily between two recent updates. Hence, multitasking is so easy.

4- Updates to be stored in a separate section

Have you ever wanted to check whether all the updates which you have done, should actually be stored in a separate section? Yes, with Android Nougat 7.0, it is actually going to be the reality. This will streamline your process and not create any tensions or worries to you while you do your normal day to day tasks.

5- Empower yourself with quick and updated notifications

Do you know the easiest of ways to get hold of all the recent updates in your Smartphone? Well, it will indeed become way easier with “notifications”. Yes, this is done by way of getting action guides for the complete list of notifications which your Android Nougat 7.0 has powered with. For example, in case of getting a notification, you don’t have to reply to the app itself, as replying will be the easiest in such a fashion. You can equally delete, share, and archive as well, as part of the ever increasing functioning part associated with the same.

6- 1500 Emoji icons and User Interface

How about creating an exciting and electrifying way of texting with lots of fun-filled moments? Yes, that can be done in the form of Emoji icons. Now, you will get a boost to the ongoing social media trends along with the messaging part in style. Obviously, it is good for those who are using lots of social media sites and has also been a part on sending instant messages every now and then too. You equally get captivating covers and awesome wallpapers to say the least.

7- Extremely user friendly

Well, yes if you have been concerned about the booting speed with the previous versions, then here is actually a pleasant surprise for you with Nougat. Yes, the booting speed has reduced in an exceptionally low. What more you want, when it needs only 960 MB to store OS version

8- Setting snippets have changed

Yes, it has become way more user friendly giving you much easy and helpful access about the specific tab for relevant information and knowledge. In short, it is not going to create any sort of inconvenience in the process as well.

9- Effectively enhancing data saver mode

Yes, up till now, if you have often faced the issue of losing lots of data due to the applications which were running on background, and wants to find the best of solution, then here it is in the form of Android Nougat 7.0 Features . Now, as you power this feature, you are actually going to save mind-blowing data especially if you are in the cellular network.

10- Mind-blowing “do not disturb” feature

How about creating an easy and effective understanding about how to use the most obvious and necessary feature where you may have to use every now and then, considering the current scenario we live in. Yes, I am talking about “do not disturb feature”. The responsive design and feature simply makes you marvel at the options to choose with so much of ease that you tend to say “wow”

Final thoughts

Well, considering the series of features which are associated with Android, the sensation has already gripped everyone who seems to be waiting with bated breath to welcome this advanced version of Marshmallow.

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