Xiaomi to be bringing Android 7.0 Nougat in various handsets


Do you know the most obvious and the biggest weakness of most of the Indians?

Well, we become quite impatient to say the least. Yes, especially, when we are supposed to wait for something which is quite awesome and extraordinary especially (with the likes of Nougat), then the wait further becomes quite painful.

Well, even few hours are equivalent to days, and the days seem to be weeks and so on.

Well, hence, it can be said that Android updates waiting period is indeed quite a challenging time for most of us. But nonetheless, the frequent news about several companies coming up with their Nougat versions in recent future is further enhancing the curiosity level of most of us.

Considering the Google rolling out the update, what followed next was the manufactures of various companies creating their own tweaks and adjustments which may infact create a certain aspect of delay.

As per the current update about Xiaomi, the news for its users is indeed quite noteworthy to say the least.

Yes, the update is indeed quite promising.

In order to help get you the latest on this aspect is that “testing” is underway.


There has been a confirmation from the company’s representative where the Mi 4c, Mi 4s and Mi Note is expected to be the first of the headsets to proudly receive Android Nougat in very near future.

However, if you ask me about the latest news doing the rounds for Mi Note 2, Mi 5s Plus or Mi MIX, then we need to wait for a bit long, and we are going to update you, as and when we get the news.

All of us are well aware about the fact that MIUI is Xiaomi’s own custom fork of Android.
Well, regarding the features, I have to say that we are actually not much knowledgeable or aware about it, expect the fact that there was a leaked screenshot sometimes back which has given somewhat taste of MIUI 9 (having Nougat version).

In the same news, we got to know that Xiaomi would be ensuring the update somewhere in December or max in January. Yes, based on the news which we are getting, we can expect the update to be much sooner as well.

Stay tuned with us for giving you with the relevant information as and when we are going to get.

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